When someone you love gets arrested, you want to know one thing. That they’re coming home.

Stuart V. Goldberg    Goldberg Criminal Defense

Practice concentrated in Search & Seizure and Narcotics Defense

For over 35 years, Stuart V. Goldberg has built a national reputation for aggressively championing the rights of the unjustly accused.

Over 100,000 Chicagoans have carried Stuart Goldberg's attorney at law card—often stopping him years later to thank him for changing their lives.


A Commitment to Fight

Earning his way through law school, Stuart V. Goldberg drove a cab at night and taught special needs children during the day on the South Side of Chicago. Working with these children and their families, Stuart experienced the struggle that was their daily lives.

Driving through the streets of Chicago, Stuart observed humanity through a rear-view mirror. He listened to the lonely voices of the people of the night. He looked into their faces—beautiful, ruined, venal, and innocent. On the streets, Stuart saw the victors and the victims; the conflict of good against evil fascinated him.

Stuart realized the power he could have as a lawyer to be a voice for the disadvantaged, the weak—and those unjustly accused. Stuart V. Goldberg made it his life's goal to champion their rights under the law.

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